Constance Gillon

Director at HOPE Christian Academy

I am a mother, a wife, a homeschool mom, a church school administrator, an Army veteran, and (most importantly) a child of God. I felt called to serve the homeschool community in 2008. The Lord has a wonderful way of reaching us when we least expect it. The Lord led me to open HOPE Christian Academy in 2009, and have been honored to serve since that time. The Lord blessed me with “the gift of gab”, so I do my best to use it to serve His children in the homeschool community. It is my honor and joy to talk to new and experienced homeschoolers daily. I never charge for these consultations (regardless of school affiliation), as this is the ministry to which I am called. I am passionate about sharing the joy of homeschooling with others.

My favorite workshop to teach is called “Homeschooling for FREE”, as I know that these techniques have helped many enrich their education at little to no cost. As most homeschool families are single income households, I work diligently to find and share free (or nearly free) resources with homeschoolers across the state through multiple Facebook groups and pages. I am an administrator on Alabama Homeschoolers, Alabama Homeschoolers Unite!, Alabama Homeschool Resource Hub, Alabama Homeschool Activities/Classes Available, and Happy Homeschool Campers in AL. Over the last several years, I am honored to share these homeschooling tips, tricks, and techniques at homeschool meetings and conventions.

I'm Speaking At

3:40 pm -
4:30 pm

Homeschooling for FREE

Highlands College

Home education does not need to be expensive to be effective.

Homeschool Fair

Constance Gillon

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