Aimee Smith

Author & Homeschool Momma

Aimee Smith is a second-generation homeschool momma, author of The Restful Homeschool Resolution: 21 Days to Transform Your Homeschool, and host of the Rest in the Homeschool Trench podcast. As homeschool mom to four children, Aimee lives in the daily tension between God’s call to the task of homeschooling and His call to rest as His daughter. Her family’s homeschool story could be chronicled by the persistent struggles and battles of life, including a decade-long battle with Aimee’s autoimmune disease. Now that their students are graduating, they realize the struggles have become part of their family’s learning journey. Aimee is passionate about utilizing academics as a tool for Christian discipleship, encouraging moms to seek rest in their busy days, and seeing our culture transformed through families committed to Jesus. Join Aimee at for encouragement to cultivate a restful heart so you can experience victorious rest in the midst of your homeschool days.

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