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Children are highly encouraged to be kept with a family member or babysitter at home.  We realize that many parents do not have this flexibility.  If you must have your children with you, plan to keep them close and respectful of other people and the environment.  Please be aware that you may be asked to leave a workshop if your children are disruptive.

Here are some ideas and options for your younger children:

Hire a helper from Wyndy.com to come to the conference and watch your children while you are in sessions, or to watch your children at your home during the day.  Wyndy offers college age babysitters in your area.

Other babysitting options: 

– Staff from your church’s nursery

– Check out online sitter listings:  Care.com, SitterCity.com

– a friend’s older daughter/son

Consider a babysitting swap with a friend – you watch her children for half the day, and she watches yours the other half!

Of course, ask friends and family that live nearby for assistance.

These are simply ideas and options for you to explore.  None of these options are listed here as approved by BHC or the event.  Please research and make arrangements that offer the security and care your children require.


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