We are offering 4 different sponsorship levels for our Birmingham Homeschool Fair.

Sponsorship Registration Deadlines

Sponsors should register with us before March 1st.

Contact us using form at the bottom of this page if you are interested in learning more about specific needs.

Our Audience

 – In Alabama, there are roughly 21,000+ homeschool families, with an estimated 2.5 million in the US.

– The Birmingham metro area represents at least one third of that total (7,000+).

– Birmingham Homeschoolers Community has 3,000+ homeschool families actively following their social media outlets and receiving their group emails.

– We anticipate that at least 500 of those families will attend the weekend’s activities and events.

Our Purpose

– Expose homeschool families to the rich resources available in the Birmingham metro area, as well as around the state of Alabama.

– Introduce homeschool families to national resources that encourage homeschoolers and offer educational resources, such as curriculum.

– Encourage homeschool parents in their educational efforts through inspirational and educational speakers.

– Connect the homeschool community together as they work for a common goal in educating their children.

Overview of Sponsorship Levels

Online Sponsor Registration

Ready to become a sponsor now?

Read and review the Sponsor Agreement, then click the button below to be re-directed to the online form.

Have ready to upload into form:

  • LOGOS – high resolution as well as thumbnail square (256px is best)
  • WEB/URL link
  • Text copy for description area of website
  • Program Ad copy for size included in package or for upgrade size

AFTER FORM SUBMISSION:  You will receive 2 emails confirming your submission and your payment.  We will announce your sponsorship on our website within 48 hours.

You do not have to provide text copy or program ad right now.  This information can be sent to us directly or uploaded here at a later date. 

Program ads must be submitted by March 15, 2023.

CLICK HERE to submit additional information (i.e. program ad copy, logo) for your sponsorship.

Program Ad Copy Deadline:  MARCH 15, 2023


Need more info? Want to talk to a person? Use the form to contact us.

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