College/Career Fair

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Informative Mini-Sessions

1:30Homeschooling Through High School
 “Four years of high school classes; can I do it?”  “There’s no way you can educate your high school student; you only have a high school diploma yourself!” “It’s better to put your student back in school so they can have a normal life for high school.”  Any voices saying these things to you?  Perseverance and faith will see you through to the finish line.  Hear from a veteran homeschooling parent whose students are homeschool graduates.  There are so many homeschool success stories now, we wonder why parents still question their ability to educate through high school.  You can do it!
2:45College Admissions and Financial Aid
 So your student wants to go to college?  With so many choices, how do you start the process of choosing the right school?  Then how will you afford it?  A primer on college admissions and financial aid from an experienced homeschool parent whose children did graduate from college.
4:00Recordkeeping for Your Student’s Future
 Such an exciting subject, recordkeeping!  Every homeschool mom thinks this.  Not really.  BUT it is important, especially as your student moves into adulthood, with colleges, trade unions, military, and employers asking for copies of diplomas and transcripts.  How to record, document and retain their records for whatever their future holds.
College/Career Fair
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