CC Flyers Running Club

CC Flyers Running Club is a total physical fitness program that develops a child’s cardio-respiratory system, skeletal muscles, flexibility and balance. This is done through a progressive type running program that is customized for each child based on their current ability. In addition to running, body weight exercises and stretching routines are also incorporated. Runners are tested in various strength areas at beginning and end of a season. Improvement awards are given at the end of each season at the awards night program. This program is not a youth sports program nor is it in competition with other sports programs. Rather it complements them by improving a child’s speed, reducing potential for injuries and giving him/her the stamina to outperform in any type sports program. Each child trains at his/her level. This program has also been found to be beneficial for students taking ballet, dancing, singing and even kids diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and autism. The club operates under the sanction of Crossroads Christian School in Moody, Al.


(205) 876-6448



3120 Floyd Bradford Road Trussville, Alabama 35173

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