Teresa Moon

Teresa Moon

When Teresa Moon was a university student, public speaking made her physically ill. Now she is an internationally recognized seminar speaker, education consultant, author, and leadership coach. Teresa is founding President and CEO of the Institute for Cultural Communicators, where ordinary students become extraordinary leaders. Each year, she travels globally, leading conferences to train students, teachers, and parents to become “cultural communicators” who can impact culture through relevant communication and authentic leadership. Her Tennessee home doubles as the Institute’s Training Center, accommodating dozens of high school and college students at a time in leadership residencies. Teresa’s students have been invited to speak on tens of thousands of platforms to influence audiences for Christ – including the White House, Congress, the G8 Summit, the United Nations and churches, schools and heads of state in more than twenty nations.

Mentoring for Maturity


Imparting knowledge is simple.. Study the material. Take the test. But does it produce the maturity you desire? Are you satisfied to educate your children to test well? Most of us want more than that. Well-selected mentors are the key. Mentoring grows maturity from the schoolroom to the boardroom. You can find the mentors your […]

Homeschool High School

The Secret to More Time and Energy for Moms

Wynfrey Ballroom

We have really important goals! We want our children to grow into their God-given potential. We also want them to be prepared for family, community, faith, vocation, and life. It’s a BIG job. And we often feel like we are failing….somewhere. How can we moms do the very best – the most important things for […]


Communicate for a Change


Today’s youth have ideas worth sharing! But many students can’t communicate them, leading to discouragement, low self-esteem, and destructive behaviors. ICC helps today’s youth own their ideas, their passions, and their potential. Because communication changes us, we begin with the most essential life skills: public speaking and communication. It’s the starting place for helping ordinary […]