Nicole Rollier

Nicole Rollier

Nicole graduated from Keuka College in New York in 2007 with a Master’s degree in Occupational Therapy. She worked for several years as a travel therapist traveling around the country working as an OT in many different settings. She has a large variety of experience working with both adults and pediatrics in many settings including acute care, inpatient rehabilitation, short and long term rehabilitation, home health, school systems, early intervention, and outpatient programs. Since moving to Birmingham in 2011 she has focused her therapy on pediatric development where she has a strong background and interest in sensory integration and feeding therapy. She began working for United Ability in 2014 and currently renders therapy in United Ability’s Early Intervention and outpatient programs as a pediatric therapist. Nicole has provided multiple trainings to groups and programs locally here in Birmingham. She was also given an opportunity to travel to China in 2016 where she was part of a small team providing training in basic development and therapy interventions to orphanage employees and foster families through Lifeline Children’s Services (un)adopted program.

A Look At The Difference Between Sensory Processing and Sensory Dysfunction


What is Sensory Dysfunction and does everyone with Sensory Dysfunction have Autism? While the diagnosis of Autism has been rapidly increasing over the last several decades, it is also being mistaken for the term of Sensory Dysfunction. In this presentation you will learn the difference between Sensory Processing, Sensory Dysfunction, and Autism. You will learn […]

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