Kristy Trent

Kristy Trent

As a school administrator for homeschool families and the coordinator for Birmingham Homeschoolers Community, Kristy has found many parents needing encouragement and counsel in their homeschool journey.  She loves to share in the educational journey as she continues to homeschool her own children.  With one student now in college and with students currently in high school as well as elementary grades, she offers a unique perspective for homeschool parents at all stages.

As a public school graduate, Kristy was not even aware of homeschooling until she added an elementary education focus to her degree at Lee University.  Once exposed to homeschooling, she was fascinated with the freedom that it offered students.  While they were youth pastors in California, Kristy and her husband, Michael, began homeschooling at the preschool ages and have never changed their focus and purpose of instilling a broad worldview through academic studies at home.  Arriving in Alabama in late 2006, their family quickly found community by getting involved with a small group, Highlands Homeschoolers.  Under the direction of Kristy, the small group transitioned in 2008, to become Birmingham Homeschoolers Community in order to include all Birmingham area families, and BHC now serves over 2000 families.  In the summer of 2009, she also helped develop and establish Essential Church School as an enrollment option for homeschool families in Alabama.

Ten years later Kristy is still excited to see the growth of the homeschool community and to be a part of the homeschool movement as it matures and becomes more and more feasible for area families.  She shares insights and her educational journey on her blog at

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