Dale Callahan

Dale Callahan

Hi, I am Dale Callahan. I am an entrepreneur, blogger, podcaster, engineering faculty, and Associate Dean for the UAB School of Engineering who works to awaken lost souls in their work.

I am focused on teaching personal leadership. What does that mean?

I help people who want to take responsibility for their life, break out of the corporate rut to take back control of their time, their money, and their life, by teaching them to see their career and their work as an entrepreneurial venture – teaching them they are a Company of One.

I am a later in life Christian, a homeschool dad of four, and the founder of AskDrCallahan which provides high school math and science material for homeschoolers like us.

I currently live in Birmingham, Alabama with my wife Lea. We have four children and two grandchildren.

To learn more about me, see my about page at http://www.dalecallahan.com/about_dale_callahan/

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