Brian Pruitt

Brian Pruitt

Brian Pruitt is the Founder and CEO of Pruitt Motivational and The Power of Dad Non-Profit Organization. As a former AP 1st Team All American Running Back and second leading rusher in the country Brian learned to fuel his athletic career with hurt, pain and anger. Like millions of other children around the world Mr. Pruitt was a fatherless child whose life was being destroyed as he searched in all the wrong places for the love of a father. Coming from 4 generations of abusive men Brian knew all to well the power that a fathers absence and or presence could have on the generation coming after him. Brian made a choice to change the legacy of his family. He resolved in his heart that his children’s story would be different than his own.

In 2008 Brian started a nonprofit organization called Power of Dad. This fatherhood infinitive reaches out to fathers as well as fatherless boys taking them on a journey to manhood and providing life-skills.  Over the past 22 years Mr. Pruitt has traveled across the country speaking to men helping them to realize that the life that they are living today is the legacy that they are leaving for tomorrow. Brian is a certified John Maxwell speaker, trainer and life coach. Mr. Pruitt was awarded the John Maxwell National Top 100 Leadership Award in 2015 for his work with fathers and fatherless youth.

By drawing from his own personal experiences, Brian enlightens audiences on how to overcome obstacles. In addition, he has been a presenter for the NBA’s Phoenix Sun’s, Orlando Magic, Charlotte Bobcats, Aflac Insurance, Honor Bound Mens Conferences, Youth Alive-7 Project, Teen Mania and businesses throughout the U.S, Canada, Mexico, and Sweden.

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