Amy Rushing

Amy Rushing

Amy Rushing is wife to Shannon, mom to three amazing girls, and a self-professed homeschooling nerd. She loves encouraging families in their homeschool journey. During the last 8 years homeschooling her girls, she has seen the benefits of living in community with other imperfect people, working to point their children to Christ. Outside of her relationship with the Lord, her community is what has kept her going when the days got long and the parenting was tough. Amy would love to give you ideas on building healthy community in which families flourish and the Lord is glorified.

Beyond Socialization: Extended Community for the Homeschool Family


The value of vital relationships is a powerful force keeping us homeschooling over the long haul. What does it mean to be in a healthy community? How can we serve, encourage, and build one another up? Being a part of a learning community can provide accountability and structure while offering freedom and friendship. Come learn […]