Pinspiration Birmingham

Where Community Meets Creativity

Birmingham, Alabama is now home a Pinspiration® location, the world’s first DIY Pinterest-inspired makerspace. The muse and founder of Pinspiration developed the art studio and wine bar as a solution to a real-life problem after spending countless hours on Do-It-Yourself (DIY) craft-focused websites such as Pinterest with few finished projects to show for her time. Pinspiration makes use of Pinterest as a tool to select the most popular arts and crafts projects.

Very much like a restaurant, customers can choose from a variety of crafts from the project menu and can create a top trending project of their choice in studio using a pre-assembled DIY project kits. The projects rotate based on holidays, events and what’s trending. The venue includes a VIP party room, a full-service beer/wine bar to stimulate
creative juices and a Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter room™ where customers go to literally sling paint at canvases to create a messy masterpiece.

The Crafting Experience

We give you all the supplies and materials you need to make an individual project on-the-spot. Makers work from tutorials so you don’t have to take a class. Make what you want, when you want it!

Each person can select a different DIY based on their unique preferences. Most projects can be customized too. Our helpful Muses (staff) is available to assist with your project, make your experience memorable and get your snacks or drinks!

Something for Everyone

We believe that everyone is an artist, regardless of age, background, and skill level. Our crafters include kids, adults, men, women, individuals, groups, skilled artists, and beginners.

Bring Your Pinterest Board To Life At This DIY Bar

Make your Pinterest dreams come true!

Posted by Nifty on Friday, February 7, 2020