Homeschool House Calls

Hi! I’m Deven! A homeschool mom of 5 with 18 years of homeschooling experience & over 10 years of consulting. Welcome to Homeschool House Calls!

After graduating from the University of South Alabama, I found myself with the plan to homeschool my two small children for their preschool years. As kindergarten approached, I found that I loved homeschooling. I loved being with my children. So, we jumped in and never looked back. Best decision ever!

So, here we are 18 years later. I have two college students, two high schoolers & one happy surprise in elementary school! What does this mean for you? I have passion & experience. I love homeschooling. I love homeschool moms. No matter why you are here on this journey, I want to help you jump in and be all there. Let’s do it together.




(251) 214-6084




607 Sutherland Dr, Chickasaw, Alabama 36611

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